Fireplace / Fire Pits

Fireplace / Fire Pits

Fire features, particularly fireplace and fire pits, are not luxuries but necessities in every Wisconsin homes these days. This is especially during winters, when days and nights can be both extremely cold in the upper northeast and north central lowland areas. Having these outdoor amenities build outside your home can guarantee you and your family and friends a comfortable time whenever you gather outside for evening dinners or chit-chats. And here at Frankfurth Landscaping, we can design and install fire features that will meet your needs and at the same time add and improve the overall aesthetics of your property. With us, a stunning outdoor landscape is yours to enjoy.

Fireplace Creations that Awe

Fireplace / Fire Pits

A fireplace is something that you would normally see inside of homes. But nowadays, such fire feature is constantly becoming a fixture in most Wisconsin properties, together with fire pits. As it is, fireplaces are great outdoor additions to any residential or commercial property. During the night or even during the day in winter, it can be awfully hard to stay extended hours outside without something to warm you up aside from your clothes. And in such case, you can miss great opportunities to socialize with friends or bond with your family—something that can be avoided if you only have a fire feature installed outdoors.

With our fireplace creations, you would never have to pass on such golden chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Our fireplaces will be there to keep you and your companions comfortably warm no matter the time of day during winter. This way, you’ll have more memories to share and cherish with people you love. And best of all, our fireplaces are so well-designed and exquisitely crafted that they are guaranteed to awe onlookers.

Stunning Fire Pits within Your Reach

Fireplace / Fire Pits

Just looking at our portfolio on fireplace and fire pits would tell you how meticulous we are in designing and creating them. For example, we do not just build an ordinary-looking fire pit, but we make sure that it will stand out wherever we place it. Aside from the aesthetic qualities, we also strive hard to make sure that every fire pit that we build will last for decades with minimal maintenance required.

With our fire pits, you will actually look forward to going outside of your home instead of dreading the idea. The comforting feeling that our fire pit creations provide will actually make your outdoors as desirable to be in as your home’s interior.

Our Fireplace and Fire Pit Designs and Installation

The good thing about our services is that we are adept in using pavers, concrete blocks, bricks, and natural stones. We apply this knowledge when creating fireplace and fire pits for your homes. Our creative team and masons also constantly comes up with great fire feature designs and quality work that never fail to amaze our clients. So wherever you are in Wisconsin, we urge you to try our expertise in designing and building fire features that last. At Frankfurth Landscaping, we will stop at nothing to give you utmost comfort and relaxation with the help of our top notch and stunning fire feature creations. Contact us today and let us bring you the best fire features you can possibly have!

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